Grass America Nexis Hinges

November 11, 2021

Grass America announces the Nexis series, the classic choice among hinge systems, offering a vast selection of hinges and specialty hinges that meet any application requirement, including face-frame or frameless cabinets. The extensive range of Nexis design solutions includes soft-close and self-close closing action options and Nexis Impresso hinges for fast, tool-free installation.

Nexis hinge systems are known for proven technology, functionality, operating comfort and versatility. Opening angles range from 95 to 170 degrees, including hinges designed for special applications such as corner angle and pie-cut corner applications. Nexis, offered in a screw-on and dowelled version, is available in 42mm, 45mm and 48mm boring patterns, and the Nexis Impresso is offered in 42/45mm and 45/48mm boring patterns.

The quick-and-easy installation of the Impresso tool-free hinge series is useful in flat-packed cabinetry that is shipped unassembled with pre-drilled doors. For mounting, the Nexis Impresso hinge inserts into the bored door; closing the hinge flap locks the hinge in place. Due to a three-point connection of hinge cup to door, the Nexis Impresso sits firmly and securely in the door. The Nexis Impresso is perfect for door materials such as particle board, solid wood and MDF board.

Installation of the Nexis Snap-on hinges is also user-friendly and reliable. Attaching the door is carried out with a base plate and screws or press-fit dowels. Just pressing down the hinge with a finger is enough to attach it to the base plate. An audible click gives assurance that the hinge is securely attached. The hinge can be detached from the snap-on base plate by simply releasing it with the lever at the front of the hinge arm.