Hardware Resources Knife Pullout

January 19, 2021

Hardware Resources has launched the latest in its “No Wiggle” series of cabinet pullouts, the “No Wiggle” Knife Pullout. This pullout features an innovative magnetic knife bar cleverly integrated into the pullout.

The strong magnetic knife bar is embedded into the wood, ensuring minimal contact with each individual knife’s cutting edge to preserve the knife’s sharpness. The double-sided magnetic knife bar offers a total of 31-1/2 inches of storage, which will accommodate a full knife set. An additional insert in the back of the unit holds small paring or steak knives.

This knife pullout is built on Hardware Resources‘ patented “No Wiggle” technology, eliminating the side-to-side movement and sag commonly seen in other brands of pullouts. Additionally, the unit ships fully assembled for quick and easy installation and features premium soft-close undermount slides.

The knife pullout is available in either a 5- or 8-in. width. Both pullouts include a sturdy plastic cutting board with its own designated storage area, easily storing all prep tools together in one single unit. The thick cutting board features rubber feet and a drip groove, all while being dishwasher safe. Finally, the 8-in. pullout comes with three stainless-steel canisters for even more cooking utensil storage.