Meljac Decorative Engravings

June 21, 2021

Meljac has expanded its offering with the addition of new motifs to its range of engravings. These innovative options are a further extension of the brand’s existing selection, which includes pictograms, texts in any language and designs. Reputed for its high-quality French craftsmanship, Meljac is pushing the boundaries of luxury with the creation of functional yet sophisticated pieces.

The brass engravings are researched and designed in the production workshop in the Greater Paris region. Etched into solid raw brass, they make every model unique, customizable in line with the customer’s wishes. The result is an elegant, delicate product that reflects a combination of state-of-the-art technologies and the irreplaceable human touch.

Features include:

  • Simple or bright cut engraving or embossing
  • 30 standard finishes
  • Different mechanisms can be combined: toggles, push buttons, sockets, USB or data ports and more
  • Can be adapted for renovation projects
  • Several formats possible