PullCast Macaron

February 6, 2024

PullCast has reinvented its Macaron handles into new shapes, bringing more aesthetic value to each series. A part of the Cosmopolitan collection, these new pieces possess a distinctive touch, exuding timeless elegance:

  • Macaron CM3078 Door Pull: Inspired by one of the most famous and treasured French desserts, this Macaron hardware piece exudes delicacy, charm, and distinction, making it the perfect complement. The rounded pull becomes an instant modern classic, providing a sculptural scheme.
  • Macaron CM3078 Door Knob (shown above): PullCast has also developed a Macaron door knob to double up that much-desired and quintessential Parisian charm. The Macaron knob comes with a horizontal gold plate with rounded ends. This design presents the same aesthetic as its counterpart, oozing elegance and style while maintaining maximum functionality.

PullCast was born digging deep into the wonders of nature by a jeweler and a designer, who adore collecting objects from outdoor experiences. Crossing the worlds of jewelry and design only led to a path of exploring new aesthetic design approaches with architectural and artistic strong influences. Expect to find diverse ranges of styles on collectible sculptural hardware, wide-spreading a sense of rarity and legacy, grounded by ancient forms of craft. As artists, they are dedicated to crafts and are surrounded by craftsmen who showcase great expertise and passion for their art. A true atelier, in search of the most high-quality materials and processes, to translate exquisiteness and exceptionality to our jewelry.

Photo credit: PullCast