Lodes Random Cloud

March 23, 2024

Contemporary Italian lighting brand Lodes is thrilled to a new version of an iconic fixture. Random Cloud is a striking evolution of the Random Solo pendant, now available in cloud-like clusters.

Random Cloud, by Chia-Ying Lee for Lodes, is an alluring play on the archetype of a chandelier. An evolution of Lodes’ Random Solo pendant, the new luminous iteration connects multiple glass pendants to a central canopy to form cloud-like clusters. The clusters consist of either 7, 14, 19, or 23 lights—various cut cable lengths allow for the resulting “cloud” effect.

Each glass sphere—which measures 23 or 28 centimeters in diameter—features a 3W LED module hidden in silicon housing at the top that distributes light evenly and comes in seven colorways, including Glossy Smoke, Rose Gold, and Frosted White.

Designer Chia-Ying Lee says “Random Cloud catches the essence of why a cloud keeps fascinating us: voluminous yet weightless and floating. To be able to express these contradictory senses with very simple formations is a joy for me.”

Photo credit: Lodes