March 14, 2016

Thanks to a new partnership between Franke and Lapitec, the technical and aesthetic properties of sintered stone are now available. The new product line, Franke Stone by Lapitec, includes four finishes: Dune, reminiscent of desert sand; slate-like Vesuvio; the silky Satin and light-capturing Lux. Franke Stone by Lapitec comes in 10 colors including Artico, Bianco Polare, Tabacco, Moca, Ebano, Grigio Cemento, Grigio Piombo, Nero Antracite, Arabescato Perla and Arabescato Corallo.

The full-body stone is 100 percent natural, containing no resins or petroleum derivatives. The patented production process ensures the material’s mechanical strength and makes it possible to create large slabs (1,500 by 3,365 mm.) that are available in three different calibrated thicknesses: 12, 20 and 30 mm. Franke Stone by Lapitec is resistant to acids, heat and UV rays, and it is also antibacterial, stain resistant and easy to clean.