Nemo Tile Company

November 24, 2016

Nemo Tile Company debuts the Patchwork collection designed by Italian architect and designer Piero Lissoni, known for his contemporary furniture design. The Patchwork range is characterized by square tiles displaying intricate texture and depth via a concentrated grid of thinly made grooves cut across a glossy finish. Some tiles feature a perpendicular grid, while some feature grooves extending at a 45-degree angle across the squares, and others feature a series of stand-alone horizontal or vertical lines. Nemo‘s Patchwork tiles have been designed with both matte and gloss finishes, achieving maximum interplay between light and shadow.

The 16 by 16-in. tiles are available in white, beige, deep navy and a dark neutral and come together to create a patchwork quilt effect. Ideal for wall coverings, ceilings, interior vertical, countertop or furniture applications, the collection is a classic Lissoni masterwork that displays all the hallmarks of his design DNA.