Spaghetti Wall Decor and Botanic Collections

May 7, 2022

Among blossoms, meadows in bloom and soft flowers, together with watercolor patterns or rich tropical vegetations, Spaghetti Wall wallpapers transform walls with a joyful spring mood. The wallcoverings in the Decor and Botanic collections – two among the nine making up the brand’s new catalogue – decline different styles offering now romantic suggestions, now pop references to the nature or again Provençal textures inspired by the delicate spontaneity of the countryside. Every subject is then declined in different chromatic options to ensure the possibility of customization in residential and contracts spaces and can be reproduced on one of the five types of material, with no limit to the height and width of the roll starting from 50 cm.

The designs feature different properties depending on their intended use and can have sound absorbing or water-repellent properties, high mechanical strength, a strongly textured appearance or a composition made entirely of natural and recyclable materials for interiors with a sustainable vocation. 

Created by Gian Paolo Venier, Ana Basoc and SW Lab, Spaghetti Wall floral patterns, as well as all the other graphics on offer, are tailored to the walls on which they will be applied and are intended exclusively for indoor use.

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