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TileBar Wilder Collection

September 17, 2022

TileBar announces the launch of its porcelain tile collection Wilder, created in collaboration with one of the nation’s fastest-growing design and visual merchandising firms, TRIO, and its newly launched sister-brand Bode & Well by Angela Harris. The Wilder collection embodies a fusion of art and nature through this series of tropical-themed tile murals.

There are three distinct botanical designs in the collection, and each print depicts a different tropical wildflower, which is accented by cool tone color palettes that balance the lush floral motifs. The collection’s durable porcelain body and matte finish create the look of a painted canvas installed in the spaces Wilder dwells.

The new TileBar collection is available in 8-by-8-in. porcelain tiles that can be laid in a six-tile-wide by six-tile-tall pattern to construct a 48-by-48-in. overall mural. The mural can be repeated horizontally and vertically to expand the design and is suitable for commercial and residential projects in any application.

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