November 1, 2013

GE is helping to make laundry day less taxing with a universally designed frontload washer and dryer built for everybody. The GE RightHeight design washer and dryer incorporate large door openings and a built-in riser to minimize strenuous bends and long reaches. The risers raise the Energy Star-qualified washer and dryer 7-in. to minimize extreme postures, as well as elevate the machine to an overall height of 47-in., making the top a useable space for tasks like folding clothes and laying items to dry. A stain removal guide helps users get rid of five of the most commonly researched stains on the Internet (grass, wine, blood, tomato and dirt) by adjusting the water temperature, spin speeds, wash action and soak time for any cycle. The flexible washer/dryer cycles also include single-item wash, overnight dry, steam assist, multi-dose dispense and detangle assist. Estimated retail price of both the GE RightHeight Design frontload washer with Built-in Riser, model GFWR4805FMC, and the GE RightHeight Design frontload dryer with Built-in Riser, model GFDR485EFMC, is $1,399.

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