MS International EverGrass Turf

September 15, 2022

MS International Inc. (MSI) introduces a new line of artificial grass featuring the EverGrass Turf series. This worry-proof turf features the appearance and texture of natural grass and boasts green hues that need no maintenance or watering. The turf is backed by a lifetime limited residential warranty. With its versatility, it can be used both indoors and out, making for the perfect grass alternative for a picturesque front yard, back patio, poolside, game room, pet area and in many other environments. With its BioLuxe technology, EverGrass Turf features a fast-drainage system that resists pooling of liquids and anti-microbial agents incorporated into the grass to fight against odor, bacteria and microbes, offering a maintenance-free grass that is safe for kids and pets.

The EverGrass Turf collection comes in four sizes and variations including Emerald Green Turf 76 oz., Emerald Green Turf 110 oz., Viridian Turf 91 oz. and Putting Green Turf 78 oz. MSI also carries a full line of installation accessories for EverGrass.

Additionally, this artificial turf is great to use all year long and does not require any strenuous upkeep, such as lawn mowing and watering like traditional grass. Each product in this artificial turf line is safe for kids and pets and can be applied to both residential and commercial spaces.