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APE Grupo Ilbagno

December 8, 2023

APE Grupo, a European leader in the design and marketing of ceramic products, presents Ilbagno, a new brand with a revolutionary vision that will offer comprehensive, quality solutions with unlimited customization. In this brand, aesthetics combines with functionality to turn the bathroom into a veritable experience and a temple of design, luxury and comfort.

The new brand is the result of APE Grupo’s dedication to creating complete, state-of-the-art solutions for the spaces we inhabit. With collections that include washbasins and worktops, shower trays, shower screens, bathtubs and furniture fronts, Ilbagno redefines the bathroom’s possibilities with a unique mix of high-quality materials, such as porcelain, Solid Surface and gel coat.

In creating this brand, APE Grupo is expanding its “The Perfect Mix” creative concept and underlining its commitment to offering a harmonious combination of its different brands’ collections and, at the same time, a coexistence between ceramics and other products.

This approach leads to a synergy between the visual properties and technical features of the materials used, bringing a sense of balance, sophistication and style to the bathroom. With this concept, the bathroom is turned into a luxury space of coexistence that stretches beyond the traditional hygienist concept.

One of Ilbagno’s distinctive strengths lies in its capacity to offer unlimited customization. Customers can design washbasins using any of APE Grupo’s almost 150 porcelain collections, as well as personalize the color, finish and size of bathroom furniture.

Photo credit: APE Grupo

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