Falmec Matte Black Finish

December 4, 2023

Falmec has announced additions to its collection of contemporary range hoods with two current models now available in a matte black finish in the North American market. These bold new options, including the Polar Range Hood and the Plane Range Hood, cater to contemporary design trends and instantly enhance a modern kitchen space when paired with unique lighting or chrome accents.  

Falmec recognizes the continued popularity of matte black in North America, and the newest additions reflect this market evolution. Falmec’s Polar and Plane Range Hoods in the new finish effortlessly integrate into any kitchen color palette, adding contemporary sophistication to bold and minimalist spaces.

With its striking cylinder design, Falmec’s Polar Range Hood is the epitome of contemporary kitchen style. The Polar Range Hood is designed to elevate your cooking and food preparation experience while making a bold design statement, featuring perimeter LED lighting that enhances both functionality and ambiance.

The matte black Plane Range Hood is more than a dynamic addition to a kitchen space — it is a practical choice for homeowners. With a removable and washable top filter, Plane simplifies maintenance, ensuring the air in the home remains purified and free from cooking odors. This wall-installed range hood showcases precise lines and a streamlined design, seamlessly blending style and functionality.

With matte black gaining significant popularity over the years and considered a color trend for 2023 and beyond, Falmec remains consistent with the evolving market and emerging kitchen design trends. Handcrafted using only premium materials, Falmec’s range hoods are designed to improve air quality in the kitchen while enhancing the space’s overall design.

Photo credit: Falmec