Samsung Mega Capacity French Door Refrigerator

August 28, 2023

Samsung’s new Mega Capacity French Door refrigerator line offers modern design paired with smarter, more convenient features for the way people want to live today. Available in Samsung’s most popular three- and four-door French door models, the fully redesigned line features energy saving technology and the convenient features that people have come to expect from the brand.  

The new Mega Capacity line features 10% more capacity than previous models to offer the most storage space in the category. The new fridges have a modern, flat-door design that includes three- and four-door models in full-depth and expanded options for counter-depth models. The largest three-door model offers 32 cubic feet of storage capacity – America’s largest capacity refrigerator in its class. The largest four-door model offers 31 cubic feet of space.    

Mega Capacity models have spacious interiors with convenient features for all your food storage needs, with adjustable slide-in shelving to make room for large and tall items. With more capacity and organization options, you have plenty of room to store more groceries and keep items within easy reach.    

The new line of refrigerators also offers the Dual Ice maker with Ice Bites first introduced in Samsung’s Bespoke fridges, located in the freezer drawer. When combined with the external ice dispenser, you can choose from four types of ice and get up to 39% more ice production than previous Samsung refrigerator models.  

The entire line is Wi-Fi enabled, making it easy to view and adjust your fridge’s power settings and receive a notification when the door is left open through Samsung’s SmartThings app.