Signature Kitchen Suite Transitional Series

March 20, 2024

The Signature Kitchen Suite Transitional Series introduces a collection of new built-in kitchen appliances spanning cooking, refrigeration and dishwasher categories. Notable features of this cutting-edge portfolio include a sophisticated Satin Stainless Steel finish, sleek and modern transitional handles and the incorporation of advanced smart technology, empowering today’s Techni-curean chefs to curate a culinary experience with unmatched ease and convenience.

Joining the brand’s existing Professional (Traditional) Series, the new line caters to the increasing consumer preference for transitional and contemporary kitchen designs. To enhance the overall sleek aesthetic, appliances within the Transitional Series feature slimmer handles, marking a deliberate departure from conventional control knobs.

At the forefront of the new lineup is the Signature Kitchen Suite 30-inch Double Wall Oven. With advanced functionalities including an innovative built-in camera, home chefs can monitor their dishes in real-time, take snapshots and capture shareable time-lapse videos. The integration of the built-in camera with artificial intelligence propels the brand’s new “Gourmet AITM” food recogni-tion technology.

This innovative system identifies ingredients and effortlessly generates delectable recipe suggestions through the ThinQ App, delivering a smart and intuitive cooking experience. This appliance promises versatility and convenience for home chefs with a variety of cooking modes including steam combi/sous vide modes and air frying. The InstaView feature allows for a unique knock-twice function, enabling illuminated interior viewing and Speed-Clean allows for an easy 10-minute clean-up cycle.

The Transitional Series 30-inch wall ovens are also available in two additional configurations: first, as a combination wall oven with speed cook and steam-combi functionality, as well as a single wall oven with steam-combi, offering homeowners a range of choices to suit their culinary needs. Their sleek, modern aesthetic with Signature Fit Flush Installation, complemented by Glideshut doors, adds a touch of opulence, elevating today’s luxury kitchen spaces.

Going beyond the exceptional Transitional Wall Ovens, Signature Kitchen Suite’s portfolio of refrigerators, wine refrigerators and QuadWash PowerSteam Dishwasher will be available this summer as part of the Transitional Series. Each appliance within the line stands as a testament to an unwavering commitment to design excellence, ensuring that every corner of the kitchen is adorned with sophisticated aesthetics and leading-edge technology.

Photo credit: Signature Kitchen Suite