Thor Kitchen Tilt Panel Professional Electric Ranges

April 17, 2023

Thor Kitchen has introduced Tilt Panel Professional Electric Ranges. The energy-efficient ranges are available in 30- and 36-in. models and feature a motorized touch-control panel with LCD display that tilts up to preferred viewing angle before automatically or manually lowering into place.

Radiant electric cooktops with five heating elements, from a 100-watt warming zone to a high-powered 3,000-watt LightningBoil element, provide a range of low to intense heat to master any meal. A hot surface indicator light within the smooth glass top surface turns on above 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

A Tilt Control Panel that is touch-controlled to the preferred angle, offering flexible viewing to control the cooktop and oven settings. The Large oven capacity accommodates multiple dishes at the same time. The 36-in. range has 6 cubic feet of oven space, while the 30-in. range has 4.6 cubic feet. Multiple cooking modes include airy fry, bake, broil, roast with a built-in meat probe and keep warm provides the flexibility needed to create versatile meals. The self-cleaning cycle uses high temperature to power through soils in the oven cavity, requiring only a wipe down at the end of the cycle.

Thor Kitchen’s new electric ranges are an ideal solution for builders or designers who need to specify energy-efficient appliances according to all-electric building codes and mandates, as well as consumers who prioritize energy efficiency in their homes.