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GE & Quirky Expand Partnership to Grow Line of Connected Devices

November 25, 2013

GE and Quirky have decided to expand their partnership, co-developing and launching 30 new products in their connected home devices line over the next five years. They will also accelerate and expand Quirky’s WINK platform, the app that allows consumers to access a range of connected devices anytime from mobile devices.

“I have long admired GE’s 130-year commitment to commercializing invention, which fits with Quirky’s mission to make invention accessible to all,” said Ben Kaufman, founder and CEO of Quirky. “In just six months, our two companies have created a $45-million connected consumer business that we will continue to build on. Our vision is to make the WINK platform the consumer standard adopted by all manufacturers of connected home products. The opportunity to lead is now, and together we want to empower the entire ecosystem, from the inventor to consumer and manufacturer to retailer.”

“Invention and manufacturing are GE’s lifeblood,” said Beth Comstock, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, GE. “We’ve been impressed by how Quirky opens and speeds invention and making, and we are excited by the response from major retailers and communities so far. As GE grows its core by connecting its brilliant industrial machines to the Internet, we think it is important that consumers experience connected things in easy-to-use, everyday ways. The Quirky partnership allows us to reinvent our co-branded consumer products in delightful ways by opening up our brand to more ideas and new audiences.”
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