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TOTO Announces Strategic Partnership With Crossville

May 16, 2013

TOTO has launched a new cross-industrial strategic partnership with Crossville, Inc., to offer HYDROTECT as an optional finish on a majority of Crossville’s porcelain tile collections.

"TOTO established 'HYDROTECT Partners' to raise HYDROTECT's profile in the global marketplace and disseminate knowledge about this breakthrough technology worldwide," said Daijiro Nogata, president of TOTO USA. "TOTO continues to aggressively build our global network of cross-industrial strategic business partners. We are proud to announce that Crossville, Inc., is the newest member of our international network. This announcement is a special pleasure for TOTO as we partner with Crossville on one of our key environmental initiatives – upcycling our imperfect and damaged china for new tile production. HYDROTECT will be available as an option on Crossville's recycled tile line, as well as its other collections."

Crossville applies HYDROTECT to its porcelain tile during a second firing process, after the tile is traditionally glazed and fired. The finish will not wash or wear off over time and is not visible. The technology utilizes photocatalysts with superhydrophilic and decomposition properties to offer a mix of benefits including easily cleanable surfaces, improved air quality and anti-microbial effects.
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