GE Partners to Pioneer New Model for Manufacturing Industry

March 25, 2014

GE has announced a partnership with Local Motors, the open-source hardware innovator, to launch a new model for the manufacturing industry. The partnership will pair co-creation and micromanufacturing to build and commercialize the next GE products.

Focused on speeding the time from mind to market, the partnership will leverage manufacturing processes and an open innovation approach to engineering. The partnership will source ideas online from a community of engineers, scientists, fabricators, designers and enthusiasts, who will focus on identifying market needs and solving engineering challenges. A new microfactory will be established where ideas will be built, tested and sold.

“At GE over the past years, we’ve redefined our approach to innovation, focusing on R&D as well as co-creation, open collaboration and partnership, which has allowed us to engage new audiences and develop a following across various industry sectors,” said Steve Liguori, GE executive director of global innovation. “Today, a new era of manufacturing is dawning – and with Local Motors, we are pioneering the future of work, fast tracking a new model for the manufacturing industry, and improving and expanding GE’s product offering to better meet future customer needs.”

The first set of projects will focus on GE Appliances and the future of cooking, inviting community members to submit and discuss ideas to improve the performance of select major kitchen appliances. The first product is expected to be available to U.S. consumers by late 2014.
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