New Remodeling Service Creates Win-Win Situations

June 20, 2013

In an effort to remedy the conflicts that can spring up during a remodeling project, REMODology is designed to align both the homeowner and the remodeler to create a path to a successful project. Homeowners can experience a conflict-free remodeling project and avoid disappointments in budget and outcome. At the same time, remodelers experience more rewarding and profitable projects to the benefit of both parties. 

REMODology books were developed for the homeowner including Up-Front Remodeling, How to Avoid the He Said/She Said Syndrome, Peaceful Home Remodeling and Conflict-Free Remodeling. The component for industry professionals contains a 12-hour online course, as well as the books Get Paid for your Time, Peacekeeping with a Coat of Armor and The Rhythm of Getting Paid.

The books help homeowners understand the different aspects of the remodeling process. It provides sample forms for budgets, product-selection, specification sheets and allowance schedules, as well as a glossary of terms. In addition, step-by-step procedures are laid out for selecting a remodeler, setting expectations, choosing products and finalizing financial agreements to ensure that the project is as hassle-free as possible.

The cornerstone for remodelers is the book Get Paid for Your Time, which builds on the premise that the pre-construction portion of a project is just as valuable as construction. REMODology offers resources and services designed to allow remodelers to earn money for their plans and estimates, gain more referrals and attain greater professional satisfaction. 

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