What Does Mom Want in the Kitchen?

June 02, 2011

Looking for gift ideas for your mother? Bosch may have the answer! According to the results of a national survey fielded by Impulse Research on behalf of Bosch home appliances, 50 percent of Americans think Mom would prefer a new dishwasher—over other kitchen appliances—to make her life easier.

After the dishwasher, 23 percent of Americans think their mothers would prefer a new stove or oven, followed by 19 percent who think a new refrigerator would make mom happy and 8 percent who think a new coffee maker tops the list. One third of mothers surveyed said that out of all of their kitchen appliances, the dishwasher is the appliance they love the most.

“Many mothers will probably tell you that one of their biggest wants is simply having more time.  So, we wanted to find out which household appliances help make moms’ lives easier—and clearly, the dishwasher is the winner,” said Stephanie Hutaff, senior product manager of dishwashers for Bosch home appliances.  “Whisper-quiet Bosch dishwashers efficiently tackle dishes so that Mom can enjoy more time with her family.”

Pictured: Bosch's 800 Plus dishwasher.
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