“Inspire My Kitchen Design Contest” Winners Selected

March 27, 2012

Zephyr announced the winners of its 2011 “Inspire My Kitchen Design Contest,” which brought together culinary aficionados and awarded prizes for incorporating a Zephyr range hood into their kitchen designs.

The contest was designed to encourage homeowners and designers to tell the stories of their kitchens’ concept through the submission of digital photos and a brief narrative describing the design. The judging was both public and private, with the public encouraged to vote for their favorites. Once the top 10 kitchens were chosen, Zephyr’s panel of judges, comprising artist Fu-Tung Cheng, industrial designer Robert Brunner and chef Tom Hurley, evaluated the contestants. Points were awarded based on use of color and materials, overall look, ease of use and the kitchen’s “X-factor,” that quality that distinguishes it from the others as the space where one would most enjoy entertaining guests.

Kathryn Kranen (kitchen pictured top) won the homeowner prize, a Dream Dinner for up to 16 guests prepared by Chef Tom Hurley in the winning kitchen. “As a professional chef, I am very excited to bring my team to such a well-thought-out space,” said Chef Hurley. “I really like that the stovetop is directly in front of the small produce sink on the island as the island provides a great work space for events. The design has great access to every appliance and still allows the cooks to move about the kitchen. Having two ovens is a must for the serious cook, and generous counter space is very important as well. The refrigerator is located in a perfect spot right between the stovetop and the large sink. Add the Zephyr ARC Duo, and this kitchen really does have it all.”

Additionally, three professional kitchen designers won cash prizes, with Jill Jarrett taking home the grand prize of $10,000 for demonstrating excellent kitchen design in a Quakertown remodel (kitchen pictured below) that includes a Zephyr range hood. Incorporating the original part of the client’s home, a log cabin built in the 1700s, the project is a mix of materials, all working to create an updated rustic look. “It was a treat to see such an innovative and respectful mix of old and new,” said Fu-Tung Cheng. “Not only did the style fit the rustic environment, it did so by cleverly using modern proportion and scale with traditional detail. At its heart it was just good design—-great proportion, color and scale in a masterful composition.”

“After the success of the 2010 Inspire My Kitchen Design Contest, I had high hopes for this year’s entries, and I have to say that they’ve surpassed my hopes and have impressed all of us to the extent that the judging was quite tough this year," said Arcadio Lainez, director of marketing at Zephyr. “The ‘Inspire My Kitchen Design Contest’ exemplifies Zephyr’s core values of discovery, design, and unforgettable culinary experiences. We are receiving such great feedback that we are continuing with the contest and will soon launch the 2012 version. We remain committed to good design, innovative thinking and we love rewarding individuals for both.”
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