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Gerberit celebrates 50 Years of In-Wall Systems

February 24, 2014

This year, Geberit is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its concealed tank and carrier systems, which hide the toilet tank and components inside the wall. Since the 1964 launch of its in-wall technology to the European market, more than 60 million systems have been installed worldwide.

“Geberit has more than 60 million concealed in-wall systems installed worldwide, which demonstrates the high standards that Geberit set half a century ago,” said John Fitzgerald, vice president of marketing for Geberit North America. “In-wall systems and the new floor-mount Geberit Monolith, which also conceals the toilet tank, offer the North American market many choices for achieving design freedom and other benefits. Geberit systems will continue to grow in this market because buyers are ready for more than what the basic tank toilet can deliver.”
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