Add a Splash of Color With Mythic Paint’s How-To Videos

July 27, 2010

Mythic Paint has launched a series of "How-To" videos featuring David Bromstad, the original Design Star and host of HGTV’s Color Splash show. The videos cover everything from how to choose colors and finishes for your room, to designer tips on achieving your ideal look.

The videos can be viewed on the Mythic Paint YouTube site, as well as on the company’s website. With the introduction of the YouTube page, viewers can also follow Bromstad and other Mythic fans as they attend events, give tutorials and celebrate environmental projects, home renovations and the construction of LEED-certified buildings. The channel is designed to be interactive and encourages users to post videos with tips and ideas on how to be environmental and create an attractive and safe home.

In addition to Bromstad’s videos, the YouTube Channel also displays video demonstrations performed by one of Mythic’s paint experts, Bob Jessop. The demos help viewers understand the different finishes and the benefits of using the no toxin paint.

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