American Standard Partners with Water For People

September 01, 2014

A new partnership between American Standard Brands and NGO Water For People will focus on improving quality of life and access to safe sanitation around the globe. Over the next five years, American Standard will donate 600,000 SaTo sanitary toilet pans to prevent the spread of disease from open-pit latrines.

“Our partnership with Water For People will have a positive impact on the lives of an estimated three million people over the next few years,” said Jay Gould, president and CEO of American Standard Brands. “In fact, the first shipments of SaTo pans to be distributed by the Water For People team are arriving in Malawi and Uganda (Africa) shortly. It is so gratifying to see how lives can be improved, and saved, by successful partnerships like this connecting businesses.” disease from open-pit latrines.

In early 2013, American Standard unveiled the SaTo (pronounced SAH-toh, derived from Safe Toilet) sanitary toilet pan, invented to work without sewer infrastructure and originally designed for use in Bangladesh. The SaTo pan uses simple mechanical and water seals to close off pit latrines from the open air, thereby reducing the transmission of disease and odor. disease from open-pit latrines.

Our partnership with American Standard is a significant part of our efforts to solve the global sanitation crisis,” said Ned Breslin, CEO of Water For People. “The sale of the SaTo pan will help drive economic growth and build healthy sanitation ecosystems in districts around the world.
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