Decorative Plumbing and Hardware Suppliers Unite!

August 24, 2010

Decorative plumbing and hardware suppliers have banded together to exchange business information about the customers they share. Utilizing the web-based services of The Credit Collective, companies can share relevant credit references, credit alerts and sales leads.

Designed to be a peer-to-peer service, the shared information is industry-specific, and some of the participating companies include Barber Wilsons USA, Bates & Bates, California Faucets (pictured), Empire Industries, MTI Whirlpools, Native Trails, Omnia Industries and Xylem Group.

“When I saw that they’d created a way to check credit that avoided D&B’s high prices and got around each account’s biased, cherry-picked references, I was eager for us to set it up in the decorative plumbing and hardware industry,” said Noah Taft, director of sales for California Faucets.

Created as a referencing tool used by children’s products manufacturers since 2004, The Credit Collective is a community of nearly 300 vendors who exchange daily credit references, alerts and sales leads about the companies that seek credit terms.

“Our unique, peer-to-peer intelligence gathering method is extremely scalable and applicable to any industry in which manufacturers are placed in the position of being bankers (i.e., acting as trade creditors). The companies we have spoken with in the decorative plumbing and hardware industry are very savvy businesspeople that understand how much value and protection our system can provide them with,” said Ron Solomon, president and CEO of The Credit Collective.

For more information about The Credit Collective, click here.
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