Effeti USA Looking to Grow Nationwide

August 23, 2013

With a New York City showroom launch under their belt, Effeti USA is looking to expand its distribution channels and bring its Italian kitchens to additional markets across the country. Made in Florence, Effeti designs for the demands of today’s kitchens, integrating the kitchen with living areas while respecting the surrounding structure and furnishings.

“As a kitchen designer by trade, I have been working with Effeti for over 10 years now,” said Shelly McClure, Effeti USA co-founder. “From small NYC apartments to wide open kitchens, the brand’s custom capabilities offer exceptional design flexibility without compromising functionality.”

Her partner, Kelly Solon, principal of Murdock Solon Architects, shares the same sentiment, “Those who have been exposed to the brand love it. We want to bring this little Italian gem to a larger audience and are looking to expand our network of sales representatives, dealers and distributors.”

“We are looking for the right partners in key markets in California, Texas, Florida, for example; and are positioned to equip this growing network with the tools they need to succeed,” said McClure.
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