GerrityStone Moves to a Strictly B2B Model

June 23, 2014

With a network of 30+ showrooms throughout New England, GerrityStone has decided to move to strictly a B2B model, helping to streamline operations and leave the retail sales to their dealers who service this market segment.

“Originally, having a showroom for retail customers made sense,” said James Gerrity of GerrityStone. “But over the years, we’ve been extremely successful at developing a strong network of knowledgeable dealers. Now we’re at the point that we can trust the retail side to our dealer partners so we can concentrate on what we do best: stone and countertop sourcing, fabrication and installation.”

The company recently named Leandro “Jorge” Filho as its new director of operations, overseeing all manufacturing to ensure timeliness and quality control throughout the process; and Ryan Luongo as installation service manager. Luongo will oversee all installations of GerrityStone granite and natural stone, working directly with the dealers, the contractors and the homeowners to ensure that installations are integrated into the construction schedule.

“It’s another way for us to reduce costs and remain competitive,” said Gerrity.

The showroom will be available in the short term for its current customers by appointment only. GerrityStone will continue to provide support to dealers, designers and contractors as they educate their own customers throughout the sales process, as well as provide fabrication and installation of the final product.
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