Induction-Friendly Cookware

Seven induction-compatible collections of pots and pans
By Sallie Moffat
February 25, 2010

Whether your clients are asking for advice on compatible cookware to use on the induction cooktop you installed in their new kitchen or you're shopping for yourself, check out these induction-friendly pots and pans and get cooking!

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1. Strong Bond

Stainless with d5 Technology, All-Clad Metalcrafters' newest line of stainless-steel cookware, is created using a five-ply bonding technology that features alternating layers of stainless and aluminum conductivity with an inner core of stainless to optimize induction compatibility, produce more even heating and increase energy efficiency. Available at Willams-Sonoma, the dishwasher-safe line is handcrafted in the USA, features gripping notches on its stay-cool handles and offers more than 25 open stock pieces as well as seven-, 10- and 15-piece sets.

2. Home Pro

Designed for professional and household cooking, Mauviel USA’s dishwasher-safe M’Cook collection of stainless-steel cookware (the sauté pan with helper handle and lid, shown, is $230) features five-ply construction—which includes layers of stainless steel, aluminum and magnetic steel—that promotes even and quick heat distribution through the surface of each pan. The line is also equipped with stay-cool, ergonomic, cast-stainless-steel handles, as well as pouring rims to eliminate drips. It is oven-safe to 680 degrees Fahrenheit and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

3. Modern Marvel

Created by architect John Pawson, the John Pawson for Demeyere stockpots, sauce pots and saucepans are equipped with InductoSeal bases comprised of TripInduc, a combination of three different aluminum alloys topped with a 2-mm copper disk and sandwiched between layers of pure silver that are then fused to the 18/10 stainless-steel walls of each cooking vessel. According to the company, the material’s highly magnetic properties make Demeyere 33 percent more efficient on induction than other brands. In addition to creating comfortable handles and edges that pour cleanly, Pawson's goal was to design modern cookware that looked different, but right at home on a stovetop or dinner table. The line—which features Silvinox, a silvery-white matte finish that prevents discoloration, deters fingerprints and facilitates cleaning—includes five sauce pots, one stockpot, two saucepans, one conical saucepan and two frying pans.

4. Anything But Dull

Alessi's Pots&Pans Cookware was designed by Jasper Morrison. First released in 2006 in a mirror-polish finish, the line has recently been updated to include a matte version—the designer's first choice in 2006 before commercial priority took precedent. Made of 18/10 stainless steel, the line includes two stockpots, three two-handled casseroles, two two-handled low casseroles, two saucepans, three frying pans, a milk boiler, a pierced basket and a steamer basket.

5. Core Asset

Designed with an aluminum core from base to rim to ensure even heat distribution and eliminate hot spots, Le Creuset's Tri-Ply Stainless Steel collection includes saucepans that perform a wide variety of functions and have a precision pour rim, nonstick products for healthier cooking with little or no fat and uncoated frying pans that promote heat conduction, as well as specialty cookware such as saute pans, chef's pans and pasta pots.

6. White Hot

The latest addition to Silit's Fresh Colours collection of cookware, Polar White is made from Silargan, which is made up of several layers of heat-resistant high-tech ceramic fused with a ferromagnetic steel core. Because these materials are fused at temperatures of 860 degrees Celsius, an inseparable compound is formed, making Silargan ultra-hard, extremely durable, cut- and scratchproof and suitable for all types cooking. The high-gloss black interior of the cookware is also smooth for easy cleaning, nickel-free and antibacterial, which is the result of precious metal ions that have been homogeneously fused into the ceramic.

7. Square Meal

Originally introduced in 2001, Viking Professional Cookware has since added many pieces to its collection of induction-compatible pots and pans. Manufactured with Multi-Ply construction—a specially designed seven-layer combination of 18/10 stainless steel and aluminum alloys for high performance, durability, easy cleaning and quick and even heat distribution—the line also features ergonomic stainless-steel handles that provide maximum comfort and secure handling. The latest addition to the collection is the Viking Square Grill Pan (shown), which is oven safe to 640 degrees Fahrenheit.

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