New Study Explores KBIS Show Attendee Insights

August 19, 2010

Get insights on improving your marketing strategies from a new survey, “Findings from the Comprehensive Interviews of Attendees at the 2010 KBIS Show” conducted by Accountability Information Management, Inc. (AIM). The report provides details about what can be discovered from attendees, and what is most important to architects and designers when working with manufacturers and selecting products.

Interline Creative Group retained AIM to collect research at the 2010 KBIS show by offering “$5 for 5 Minutes.” During the three-day show, AIM held more than 200 interviews with designers, architects, showroom consultants and other professionals.

“Because this is the one of largest events that brings the design industry together in a common platform,” said Jim Nowakowski, AIM president, “this was an ideal venue to talk with kitchen and bath professionals and to gather information about product selection that matters to manufacturers.”

Research questions posed to individuals in the kitchen and bath community included:

•    What has the biggest impact on the way you design projects?

•    How do you evaluate products that you recommend or select for your projects?

•    Why do you select one brand over another?

“One finding was that designers defined ‘experience’ with comments such as ‘depends how long I’ve used the product.’ And their judgment of those that do not deliver quality is harsh and final,” said Nowakowski. “One respondent said: ‘If I have any problem or hassle with a manufacturer’s product, I never use them again.’ Manufacturers need to know this.”

The report is available for $700. For details, click here.
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