Plumbing Consortium Addresses New National Lead Law

June 12, 2013

A recent survey by Brasscraft Manufacturing shows that a significant number of professional plumbers are not properly prepared to start complying with the new "Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act" that becomes effective January 4, 2014. 

The new law will make it illegal to sell or install pipes, fittings and fixtures in applications that convey water for human consumption that have a weighted average lead content exceeding 0.25 percent (the previous national standard was eight percent maximum). According to the online survey conducted earlier this year, 26 percent of respondents admitted having no knowledge of the upcoming changes, and 24 percent are not aware they cannot use existing (non-compliant) inventory into 2014.

The “Get the Lead Out Plumbing Consortium” – a cross-section of the plumbing industry comprised of trade associations and manufacturers – is offering widespread education about the manufacture, distribution and installation of lead-free plumbing products. Facts related to the new standard, as well as training opportunities, are available via

"The survey by BrassCraft, undertaken just after the consortium began its training and awareness efforts, certainly reflects the challenges our industry faces with the no-lead conversion in 2014," said Cindy Sheridan, chief operating officer of the PHCC Educational Foundation and a member of the consortium. "The time is now to start planning for this new law. Fortunately, these plumbing professionals have a go-to resource at We have more work to do in educating everyone in the industry about the implications of this new law, but the consortium is making great strides in providing information and training so that plumbing industry professionals will be properly prepared by the first of the year."
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