Remodeling Tips that Won’t Harm the Planet

July 21, 2010

Remodel your kitchen and keep it green! Kitchen Tune-Up is offering tips on how to give the kitchen a face-lift without wasting natural resources. If a full remodel isn’t in the cards at this point, these ideas may help you spruce up the kitchen without impacting the environment.
If homeowners are ready for a new look for their kitchen and they’re happy with the current layout, consider cabinet refacing, which provides an inexpensive alternative to replacing them. This process reuses all of the existing cabinet boxes, while replacement doors and components can be specified using recycled wood or a sustainable wood, such as bamboo. With the addition of cabinet and drawer organizers, a kitchen can have all the conveniences found in new cabinets.

If homeowners want to change the layout of their kitchen then they must look at replacing the cabinets. Consider cabinets with a box made out of engineered wood. Although the doors and frames of the cabinets are generally made from solid wood, some companies offer medium-density fiberboard (MDF) internal components to reduce cost and save trees. Frameless cabinets are another alternative. By eliminating the face frame on the cabinet box, the material necessary to create the finished product is reduced.
If you have older appliances, chances are they’re eating up electricity or gas. When buying a new appliance, buyers should consider three factors: the price, the cost of repairs, and the operating costs. Today, new appliances come with energy guides, or go to the Federal Trade Commission’s website for more information.
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