DFA Begins Rollout of #DoItForYourself Campaign

August 18, 2016

According to Design Weekly and the Decorative Furnishings Assocation, that consumers search for ‘DIY’ 100 times more than ‘interior design.’ The DFA’s answer: Do It For Yourself, its new consumer-focused advertising campaign, kicking off this fall. The campaign is designed to introduce the would-be do-it-yourself crowd to the benefits of professional interior design. But first and foremost, says the organization’s president, Chad Stark, it’s all about getting interior designers themselves aware.

To that end, the initial step was yesterday’s email targeting the association’s interior designer contacts and introducing them to the initiative. “As an industry, we need to unite and start communicating direct-to-consumer the true value of choosing independent design firms over free design services at retail stores and online,” it continues, explaining the association’s three-step approach: the Do It For Yourself brand, encapsulated by the #DoItFor hashtag; an advertising concept grounded in the emotional impact of a professionally designed space; and an interactive website prototype that showcases firms’ work, making it available to consumers in a streamlined format centered on the value of professional design.